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Mezz Gallery
The Mezz Gallery at Artisphere promotes the work of artists and curators who live, work, study or have a studio in Arlington, Virginia as well as artists from our Sister Cities program. (Aachen, Germany; Reims, France; and Oaxaca and Coyoácan, Mexico.) Artists and curators may propose individual or group exhibits to be featured along the 140 running feet of wall space. Group shows may feature work from non-Arlington artists so long as the curator meets the requirements. Shows are scheduled one to two years in advance. The 2015-2017 Call for Entries is now open through April 27, 2015. Download this PDF Call for Entries and apply through

Open Call for New Media & Video: No deadline
Submissions are accepted throughout the year.

Open call for New Media and Video seeks to enrich the creative process by cultivating awareness of and fostering dialogue about innovative projects on visual arts. Multiple projects will be selected for Artisphere’s different spaces via new media technologies and reviewed by a selection committee which includes Artisphere staff. Entry fee is $10. To submit your work, please click here.  

Artist In Residence Studio
Deadline: TBA
We are offering a FREE 500 square foot studio space for one artist each for a five month time period in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.  This studio is located at the main entrance of the facility. In return for free work space, the artist would be required to interact with the public and do a final exhibit in their studio of their work created while in residence. This call is OPEN TO ALL ARTISTS WORKING IN ALL DISCIPLINES. Artists will be selected by Artisphere curators and by a panel including leading members of the arts community. For more information, please download this PDF. All artists must submit through Apply through slideroom here. There is no fee to apply.

Previous artists in residence include Wilmer Wilson IV, Emily Francisco and Beth Baldwin.

Works in Progress Gallery
The Works in Progress (WIP) Gallery is situated at the entrance to the Terrance Gallery. The WIP Gallery investigates and exhibits works-in-progress from multiple creative disciplines. By examining different processes, structures, experiments, projects and artwork, the WIP provides the public a window into the creative process. Calls will be posted here for the WIP Gallery when time slots become available.

Terrace Gallery and throughout Artisphere::
If you have a curatorial suggestion for the Terrace Gallery, please email Visual Arts Curator Cynthia Connolly at

Additional Artist Opportunities


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