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Is there anything more American than the American flag? As any American school kid knows, the stars and stripes are not merely decorative. Each element in the flag represents information: 13 horizontal strips represent the 13 original colonies and 50 stars stand for the 50 states. While our flag is directly representational of both our colonial history and our modern identity, its information has become static and inflexible.

Using the American flag as the formal foundation, MGMT. design created 50 new flags that are based on the current conditions of a changing nation. These new standards utilize data visualization in a heraldic form to reveal facts about our country, from the obvious to the sublime—one in 32 Americans are in prison, 3.2 percent of us are vegetarian, and one in four of us has been on TV. While sometimes superficial, these new metrics reveal aspects of America that go deeper than traditional patriotic symbols.

Freedom has always been America’s primary brand attribute. Imagine a country where individual expression includes the creation of a personal flag for every citizen or like-minded group. This could be just the beginning. Re:flag yourself.

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