Shocked and Amazed Presents The Skulduggery and Strange Show!

FRI JAN 17 / 9PM
$15 in advance / $18 day of
Black Box Theatre

****SOLD OUT******

Step into the bizarre world of the carnival sideshow, and prepare yourself for a night of unparalleled amusement as Shocked and Amazed presents its latest night of outrageously abnormal entertainment!! Featuring the dangerously dapper host of Coney Island's

Sideshow by the Seashore and the face of the Shmaltz Brewery Blockhead beer, Mr. Donny Vomit himself! Sharing the stage with this strangely spruce gentleman is none other than the incomparable emcee of Ripley's Believe it or Not in Times Square, Albert Cadabra! But wait, folks, there's more! Joining this curious cast is the delightful and uncanny Kyle Petersen, who takes the art of juggling to a whole new level! And lest we not forget, no sideshow would ever be complete without the buxom burlesque stylings of Marlo Marquise. Ladies and Gents, you won't catch entertainment like this for decades to come, so don't miss your chance to see it right in your own backyard!

Mr. Donny Vomit hails from Coney Island USA and has singularly revived the fame of the classic Human Blockhead act. Producer and host of the Coney Island Beard and Mustache competition, Donny, himself, possess noteworthy facial hair, which is both feared and respected in the industry (along with his unparalleled puns). His specialties include chainsaw juggling, sword swallowing, fire breathing and more!

Albert Cadabra is the ultimate vaudeville magician. Current emcee of the Times Square, NY Ripley’s Believe it or Not, he delights audiences daily with his incomparable performance and wit. He made a name for himself by, among other things, following in the footsteps of the great Houdini, escaping from a straightjacket while suspended upside down 35 feet in the air from his ankles, and all on LIVE TV!

Kyle Petersen is quite possibly America’s most famous unicycle juggler, having appeared with the Big Apple Circus and on various talk shows to exhibit his unique skill set. He was also featured recently on the Colbert Report to the delight of circus enthusiasts and political satirists alike! 

Referred to as "Le Chic Freak", "Goddess of Gasoline" and "Suspension Starlet", Marlo Marquise has graced the stages, pages of books, magazines and websites all over the world.  She is known for her dark vintage style and her unique ability to combine classic burlesque and old school sideshow skills in her performances.  Ms. Marquise has performed at a plethora of venues across New York city and has been featured in performances throughout the US and the UK.

Prepare to be Shocked and Amazed by these clips! And kids...don't try these stunts at home!

See Albert Cadabra on Oddities NYC

See Kyle Petersen on the Late Show with David Letterman

Donny Vomit interviewed on NBC, NYC

Marlo Marquise's promo reel

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