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Visual Arts


A Semi-Permanent Installation

Restroom Corridor

Infestation was a multimedia project that included performance art and a site-specific installation with vinyl ants that slowly and unexpectedly invaded the Works in Progress Gallery and areas throughout Artisphere. The piece commented on migration, a recurring theme in Mayorga’s work. Infestation was unexpected, familiar and following its basic definition, “undesirable numerous and troublesome.” Part of the project became a semi–permanent installation.

Mayorga, who acted as an invader by occupying Artisphere spaces at random hours—inhabited the steps, common areas and intricate corners with her presence and vinyl ants. As part of the incursion, visitors became intruders themselves as they were asked to participate in the meticulous ant installation process. After a few weeks, the artist then became a pest controller and slowly got rid of the infestation by gradually removing the ants as part of the de-installation process.

A Colombian-born and naturalized American citizen, Carolina Mayorga has had solo exhibitions in Colombia, Mexico, at the University of Kansas and in the Washington, DC area and has participated in group exhibitions in Europe, Central and South America, and numerous cities across the United States. She lives and works in
Washington, DC.

View the project on Mayorga's website.

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