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Live re-assembly of canvas segments by curators on Thursdays 5-6pm

Works In Progress Gallery

Thursdays / 5-6pm / Live re-assembly of canvas segments by curators
Curated by Jared Davis and Andrew Wodzianski

Closing Reception: Sunday, May 5 / 12:30-2pm
Please join the artists of Voltron's Corpse for coffee and donuts during this exhibition closing event. Meet the artists and see them reunited with their robotic creations after six weeks of reconfiguration on the walls of the Artisphere's WIP Gallery.

Fifteen artists commemorate the anniversary of the first human spaceflight (known as Yuri’s Night), while addressing space exploration's transition from a mission of man, to a mission of robots. Fusing the early 20th century parlor game "Exquisite Corpse" with the pop culture sensibilities of the late 20th century most notable the 1985 anime series Voltron Force, these artists have accumulated a factory floor of interchangeable robotic segments. Segments on canvas will be assembled and reassembled throughout Artisphere’s Works in Progress Gallery in regular intervals, creating an astronomical amount of robot configurations.

GBC    Audio Guide: Voltron's Corpse

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