Painting has been an art form that has spanned over centuries, and there are many techniques that allow for this to continue. Throughout history, painting has served various purposes in society, whether it was used by the rich or poor to express their feelings or needs.

Many paintings have become well-known works of art because they convey accurate observations of certain aspects of daily life. As painting is a highly creative process where artists can create whatever they imagine with little restriction, it is also known for its unique qualities and abilities to express the artist’s emotions through color and composition.

What is painting?

Painting is a form of visual art in which colors are applied to a surface (support base) on which it is intended to be displayed. The medium of painting is only limited by the imagination of the artist, so one can use any colors or combinations of colors. The artist may also apply layers of multiple colors to create depth and texture in their work.

Types of painting

There are multiple types of paints and surfaces (canvas, paper, wood, metal, plastic, etc.) they can be applied to. Together, they create an endless amount of color and texture variations to express yourself in any kind of way.

Below are the most common types of painting types, so that you can discover further:

Oil Painting

Acrylic Painting

Gouache Painting